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Baby and Child Health Club servicing Sandgate, Deagon and Brighton areas

Congratulations on baby's arrival.

Looking for support and advice? The baby and child health service at Brighton Pharmacy is available Monday to Friday, no appointment necessary. Please note the pharmacy is not open on Public Holidays. Join our free baby club for a welcome pack and special offers as well as a place to get support or help with looking after baby.

Our staff will welcome you, weigh your baby and are also available to offer support and a pharmacist is available for advice. Brighton community pharmacy services the Brighton and surrounding areas and provides this service free of charge. Just bring your Red Book from hospital.  

Weigh your baby 

Want to weigh your baby? Brighton Pharmacy has baby scales and staff available to weigh your baby during the week. Please ask our staff for assistance. 

Brighton Pharmacy Baby Clinic       

Brighton Sandgate and Deagon areas - has your CPAP machine been checked?

Brighton Pharmacy for CPAP machines    

Brighton Pharmacy hosted another clean & check day on 1st July for CPAP machines. Again it was observed on the day that many accessories required attention really highlighting the need to care for equipment and have a check up. For information about caring for your CPAP machines and equipment call the pharmacy on 3269 2570 and arrange an inspection to give you piece of mind.  

Advice and in-home testing for sleep apnoea is also available at the sleep centre established in the pharmacy to offer assistance for people of all ages with a sleeping disorder, see our "Sleep Apnoea at a Glance" article for more information.  CPAP machines and accessories are available at Brighton Pharmacy as one of the solutions available for treating sleep apnoea. Servicing Brighton and surrounding suburbs in northern Brisbane.

CPAP Machine             CPAP mask

Snoring? There could be a reason why. Arrange a take home test from our sleep centre located in north Brisbane suburb of Brighton near Sandgate

Sleep centre for overnight take home diagnostic testing and treatment for sleep apnoea


Is snoring keeping you awake at night? Feeling fatigued during the day for no reason? What is sleep apnoea? See our "Sleep apnoea at a glance" article in health information for a brief description. 

In most cases, the person suffering from sleep apnoea doesn't even realise they are and that includes frequent waking during the night. This pattern can repeat itself hundreds of times every night, causing fragmented sleep. This leaves the person with un-refreshed sleep, excessive daytime sleepiness and fatigue. If you think that you or someone you know may have sleep apnoea, please discuss the symptoms with your doctor as soon as possible. It’s estimated that about five per cent of Australians suffer from this sleep disorder, with around one in four men over the age of 30 years affected and the increased associated health risks with this disorder are considerable. Do something now if you or someone in your family have symptoms, take a test. It's easy and in your own home.

Brighton Pharmacy has a sleep centre offering services to assist with diagnosis and treatment for sleep apnoea servicing the areas of Sandgate, Deagon and Brighton. We provide in-home overnight sleep tests priced at $150. Testing at your own home is so easy and convenient, we will show you how. 

Bookings are essential. Ph 3269 2570 or call in at Brighton Pharmacy - 353 Beaconsfield Terrace in the Brighton Shopping Village and ask our trained staff for information.

Scholl footwear available at Brighton Pharmacy

Looking for Scholl orthopaedic shoes in Brisbane

Brighton Pharmacy is a stockist for the Scholl  orthopaedic range of footwear so look no further. Plenty of car parking available and friendly staff to assist you. Your welcome at Brighton Pharmacy. 
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